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For 2018-2019 Buro crazy Outfitters is starting to get serious about hunting our coues deer ranches. We have acquired more coues deer ranches and are going to start doing 5 to 6 weeks of coues deer hunts. We have taken multiple Boone and crocket coues every year and we have taken two over the 140 mark. Justin Bates from Utah took a 146 B&C gross and 141 B&C net new number 18 all time with us last season. You will be able to see this unreal trophy in my updated pictures. We have spent lots of time finding some great ranches for coues deer so contact us soon about the upcoming season for coues deer.

Buro Crazy is starting to book Turkey Hunters for Goulds Turkey!!! We have obtained some very good Turkey ranches that have never been hunted for Turkeys. We will start booking hunts for this mid April till mid May. We have scouted and checked all these ranches!!

Buro Crazy Oufitters has one of the best free range sheep ranches that Sonora has to offer. We have been hunting this ranch for 5 years now and have taken some unreal rams. We have taken 2 rams in the 180 class and multiple rams in the 170`s. Our average age class is 10 years old with two rams being in the 13 to 14 year old class. We manage and monitor our sheep every year to make sure we have plenty of up and coming rams. This year is no exception and we feel like we have 5 mature rams that are in the 170+ class on our ranch today.

Thomas Baker has been guiding and hunting his whole life. He has 25+ years of experience in Sonora. He spends 5 to 6 months every year on his ranches making sure the hunting operation there is the best it can be.

Buro Crazy Outfitters client Rick Lamb currently holds the World Record Typical for Sonora. Clients of Buro Crazy Outfitters have taken more than 150 bucks that Gross over 200 SCI. Sonora is one of the best places to harvest a trophy mule deer.

Buro Crazy Outfitters leases 10 ranches and work hard to manage the over 350,000 acres that the ranches encompass. We spend a lot of time taking care of the deer with water, food, and predator management. We have a great population of deer on our ranches.

Buro Crazy has started something new with our ranches. As the increase for trophy mule deer keeps getting more demanding every year we have changed the way we manage our ranches. We have taken our best ranches and started a trophy management program that has seen unreal success. We have groups of hunters that are managing our best ranches for trophy class bucks. On these ranches we have multiple feeding stations that provide protein all year long. On these ranches just these groups of hunters hunt it every year, no one else. With very limited hunting pressure, predator control, and an extensive feeding program the results are paying off big time. What we want to achieve is a 200 inch class buck for every client.

"I take a lot of pride in what I do and am working hard for the future of trophy mule deer on our ranches. I invite you to join us on a trophy mule deer hunt in Sonora Mexico. I think our pictures tell the story of our hunting."

-Thomas Baker

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